Jordan started taking photos with a trusty old disposable while he was going to work experience at high school. This really kick started his love for photography and even though he couldn’t afford to buy a digital camera till he was almost 18, he still managed to take photos with the instamatic.
It wasn’t till he went overseas with a couple of mates that he invested in a better camera. A FujiFilm 4MP. Jordan travels literally opened up his eyes to the world and it allowed him to view some magnificent landscapes.

Jordan takes photos because he love capturing the moment, the scene. He is fortunate enough to travel a fair amount, and so travelling to new places consistently Jordan hopes to capture the landscape to share with you.
Living in the most beautiful country in the world provides a brilliant setting to expand his landscape photography and he hopes you enjoy the images he produces.

  1. Wow, our stories sound quite similar. I always knew I loved photography as I grew up traveling around the National Parks in the USA shooting nature with a crappy camera. In college, took my first over-seas trip with a decent camera, came back and decided I can’t do anything else until I invested in my first DSLR to continue to travel with. You’ve definitely been at it longer than I have though!

    You have an awesome photography blog. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for stopping by mine once again and leaving a great comment on one of my photographs.

    – Nate

  2. Jordan,
    I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award: http://wp.me/pxjrA-yN

  3. I’m sitting here in my boring office, and your works are just WOW !
    I can’t express how incredible those pictures are
    Thank you so much for showing such wonderful scenery, you are so very talented to be able to capture those beauty.

    – Len

  4. Hi there … Great photos that really show off the beauty & diversity of this wonderful country of ours! Keen hobby photographer from Albany here … love photographing landscapes, too! Glad you enjoyed your visit to Albany. I met Tina B by accident a year or so ago when we happened to be in the same spot at the same time (at the brig Amity) taking photos of a beautiful reflection at sunset. Lovely lady … I hadn’t brought my tripod with me and she offered to lend me hers. I don’t have a blog but I often post pics on my Facebook page. Have sent you a friend request but if you’d rather ignore it that’s okay! Keep up the great work!

  5. Inspiring – thanks for sharing your view of the world.

  6. Wonderful pictures Jordan,we used to live in W.A now in QLD would love some pictures of home for my walls,keep up the great work.

  7. Great stuff you have on your blog. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  8. Hi Jordan, awesome photos. Love that recent aerial shot over the south west – is that from a helicopter?

    • Hi Luke,
      Thank you very much for your kind words, The recent photo over the south-west was taken from a fixed wing aircraft. I wish it was a chopper, certainly my preferred aircraft to fly in 🙂

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