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Kimberley Cool

The colours of the waters up in the Kimberley region are so vibrant it’s almost unbelievable. Witnessing these colours, I had my jaw to the ground every second flying over this place.

My first time in this part of the Kimberley and I cannot wait to get back.

Just love Western Australia!

Colours in the Forest

The South West is one incredible region. I just love it.

Above Forrest Beach

Forrest Beach
I grew up down here. When I was a young boy, my dad use to take myself and my brother here to go hunt blue manna crabs along this beach. It brings back some sensational memories, and one particular time when a crab decided that it was going to have a go at chomping on my finger. Ouchie!!

Sometime I have to pinch myself while flying up and down this coastline. The bluest waters, the whitest sands that continue over the horizon, we really are very fortunate.

– Glowing Green Hills –

Flying over the south west at anytime of year is magic. But when the rain has fallen and soaked the ground, the vibrancy starts to come through.

The greens fields are glistening after a recent shower, highlighted by the winter sun.
I’ll be back to this location very soon. But on the ground 🙂

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