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– Driftwood –


I spent the last couple of days in Derby before flying out to Kununurra, so thought I would have a wonder out around town and onto the tidal flats. With only a limited amount of battery left on my camera, I was able to capture only a couple of images. This being one of them, a shot of some driftwood i’m assuming that came in from a king tide

– Bells Falls –

Situated in the King Leopold Range in the Kimberley, Bells Falls is one of the most accessible gorges on the Gibb River road. A 10km drive from Silent Grove campsite, then a short 15-20min walk from the carpark you come across this oasis.
We had this place to ourselves, and as you can see, it is just gorgeous!


– King Leopold Sunsets –


Flying back into base-camp the sunset over the ranges was just amazing. The colours were so vibrant. The already amazing King Leopold Ranges stepped up another level covered in beautiful shades of orange and reds. I think I may have found a new favourite part of the state.

Kimberley Cool

The colours of the waters up in the Kimberley region are so vibrant it’s almost unbelievable. Witnessing these colours, I had my jaw to the ground every second flying over this place.

My first time in this part of the Kimberley and I cannot wait to get back.

Just love Western Australia!

Bell Creek

Bell Creek is one amazing place. This is the first time I have been here and it was out of this world. A mate of mine and I decided after a long day we would head down here and see what all the fuss was about. We are glad we did. Just behind me, incredible waterfalls feed right into Bells Gorge. (That image is coming soon).

The Kimberley, a region that just keeps giving!

Hidden Gems


Flying over the Kimberley all you have to do is look out the window and you will see more and more incredible sites, like this huge waterfall, hidden in amongst the winding gorges in the far north west of the region.


– Albany Sunsets –

It doesn’t matter where you are in WA the sunsets are always stunning, the Albany coastline is no different.
I’ve still got another 4 full days here, and cannot wait to see what they throw at me.

– Distant Islands –

I caught up with friend and local photographer Shawn Hayward (VBI Photography)¬†here in Albany yesterday evening as cloud started to become quite heavy over the coastal port city. I haven’t seen much of this cloud stuff for a number of weeks up in Perth, so the sight of it brought a big smile to my face.

Islands off the coast of Albany set up a great composition for another shot I’ve been wanting to get for a while. The south-coast, the place that just keeps giving.

– Elephant Rocks –

A very popular spot down on the south coast. This is the first time I have visited this location, and was surprised at how busy it was. The place was packed out. Green’s pool is a favourite swimming hole on the south coast, as it provides a sheltered area to bath without the fury of the ocean sweeping through.¬†

– Bunker Bay –

I am currently south at the moment attending a workshop to refine my photography skills a touch more. One of the massive positives being down here, is that I get to stay at the Bunker Bay Pullmans resort, right on the beach. Bleached white sand, clear turquoise blue waters, so I couldn’t resist a morning shoot down at the shoreline.
Hope you like my two shots I managed to capture this morning.

– Bunker Bay –

– Turquoise Waters –

I hope to capture many more images on my trip down here, so expect a few more posts……

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