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– Bali Sunsets –

The sunsets in Bali can produce some incredible colours. At low tide the rocks appear and the vibrant greens of the seaweed really start to shine.
You have to be careful here, as the surf does surge every so often and you can be swept off your feet.
It’s well worth the effort though.

– Morning Light at Ayana –

Staying at Ayana while in Bali gave me the opportunity to get out early and shoot the jetty that sits at the bottom of the cliffs.
I almost wasn’t able to capture this shot, as I didn’t condition my camera to the temperature before heading out and when I finally go to the spot my camera fogged right up.
A mistake only made once on the trip.

“Super” Moon rising over Sanur Beach, Bali

I heard about the “super” moon a few weeks back, and realised that I would be in Bali at the time it was due to occur.
So having not shot the moon rising before I thought I would give it a go at this exotic location.
The tide was out (something I wasn’t planning on) and realised I had a stairway to the moon composition right in front of me.

What made this night even better was having my wife Irene standing beside me watching the moon rise. That is what makes this image even more special to me.

A great night 🙂

First Light over Bali


This is a re-edit of a previous panorama. I loved this view so much I had to re-create a vision I had of this image when I viewed it again. I hope you like it.

“After starting out at 2am to climb Mt Batur on the Indonesian island of Bali, we eventually made it just in time for sunrise. We walked around the creator edge to hopefully get a better view away from the crown now gathering at the first summit (That point can be seen in the middle of the image, identified by the flags).
It was a great climb with my gorgeous fiancé Irene, and this is the sunrise we were treated to. Absolutely worth it. It is rated as one of the best volcano climbs in the world due to the classical volcano shape Mt Batur has.
Oh and if  you are wondering what the steam is coming out of the creator. Mt Batur is still an active volcano with the last eruption only in 2000”

Top Ten Images on 2012

After viewing a fellow photographers top ten images of 2012, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on my own work this year and select what I believe are my top ten.
If you have a different opinion, I am all ears and you may contribute with your selection. Either top image, top 5 or top 10.

Year in Review.

My year started very busy. My full time job involves bush firefighting, and the start of 2012 brought with it very warm temperatures and with those warm temperatures came bushfires. My photography had to be put on the back-burner for a little bit, but anyone that knows me would know that I cannot go without my camera for any length of time. Even when I travelled to remote fires, my camera was always close by. Protected of course.

As the fire season slowed down, my photography sessions increased. This year had me travel to Bali 1) to find a wedding venue for myself and my gorgeous fiancé, and 2) photograph the stunning landscape.
I was successful in fulfilling both tasks, with our wedding booked for June this year, while I also managed to take a few photographs of the Balinese landscape.

The year has also seen me start a time-lapse project that has seen me buy some extra equipment to enhance what I hope to be a great mini production. More to follow with the project in the coming months.

I also attended the Ninety Degrees 5, South West Light, exhibition and seminar held in Yallingup and Busselton. I drew a lot of inspiration from the couple of days I was in the south-west attending the seminar. The photographer who inspires me most with his work, Christian Fletcher, is apart of this collective of Australia’s top landscape photographers. So I was in awe just to be listening to what Christian had to say as well as the whole group. I didn’t get to the first day of presentations as I shooting a wedding in Bunbury, but I was so glad to be able to attend the Sunday session. This trip did allow me to head to the very photogenic and arguably the most shot destination in the south-west, Sugarloaf Rock. I have never made the trip south to capture it, but I was glad I did. I also visited Meelup Beach, another spot that I can see myself heading to again and again.

Plans for the Coming Year

First things first, my wedding in June. 🙂
But in regards to my photography, I will continue my time-lapse project, with trips down the south-west and north-west on the cards. And I wouldn’t rule out a couple of overseas trips. Maybe a NZ trip sometime later in the year, maybe a bit further abroad, if I play my cards right.

I want to thank all my followers to this blog, and to my photography. Photography is such a big part of my life, and to have people wanting to share that with me is truly amazing. So I thank you all. Heres to a great 2013.

My Top Ten photos of 2012 (in no particular order)










I hope you like my selection. If you disagree and have your own top ten, a top five, or maybe just your favourite photo of mine, feel free to leave a comment.

Beautiful Bali

I have just returned from my latest trip to Bali. The whole reason for this trip was for my fiancé and I to find a venue for our wedding next year and I think we may have found a couple of very cool places. Exciting…..very much so. Bali is a place Irene and I have visited a few times of the last couple of years, and we just keep falling in love with it.
So after all the driving around, I was given a few opportunities to capture this amazing country and its landscape.
Click on each image for a larger view.

Sunrise over the Balinese Landscape from the Summit of Mount Batur

Hikers descending the eastern ridge of Mt Batur

The first summit of Mount Batur with Mt Arung in the background.

Tanah Lot Temple at sunset

Getting ready for a surf. Uluwatu

Helping Hand.
This family of Balinese locals got a ride into town from another local. The older man featured in this photo was asleep as we approached the vehicle and only awoke when I decided to take a shot. The 100% zoom on this photo has the man looking straight down the lens.
And as soon as I took the shot, he fell back asleep.

Bali Storms

Hi all,

This photo was taken on the southern end of Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia.

The idea came to me a day before when another thunderstorm hit the Kuta area, and the surf picked up while the tide was low. Knowing that thunderstorms frequent the area usually in the afternoons I made sure I had my gear ready to go the next afternoon. My fiance and I stayed back at the hotel and enjoyed having a few drinks in the pool bar waiting for the storms to develop and approach. And they did.

Canon 5d Mark II

T:    1/100 Seconds

A:    F7.1

FL:  28mm

ISO: 50

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