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Jindalee Beach Sunsets


Some days in the summer we are very lucky for a strong cool sea-breeze to come in off the ocean and provide relief. Sometimes however it calms down to a gentle breeze right before sunset, and provides a great time to get down the coast and get a few shots.

A couple of nights ago. the elements all lined up. The breeze calmed down, the clouds were high, and the ocean was clear as day.

I love Western Australia’s coast!

Southern Surprises #2

This is a redo of a previous image of mine. The reason for the update was that while I was going through some of my photos, I realised a few inconsistencies with this image. Mainly dust spots, that I somehow didn’t see before.
I hope you enjoy the cleaner, more clear ‘Southern Surprises’


“A week or so ago, I again had the privilege of shooting with Tina Bartley.
On a previous trip, we photographed the area not too far from here, and as we finished and drove home, I saw this beach just peeping over a hill as the road twisted its way over the headlands.
With no time left to shoot on that particular morning, I made it my mission the next time I was in the area I would get here and make sure I captured it.
One of many places scattered along the south coast that are just out of this world. White sandy bays, with turquoise blue waters, clear as day”

Jindalee Views

I just love this place.
Jindalee Beach is regularly visited by locals during all times of the day. A new cafe has just been built, attracting even more people to the spot.

Bunbury Sunset

The back beaches in Bunbury have some great rock features.
I have walked along this stretch of beach numerous times during visits here for work. This time I decided to take my camera a touch further up the beach and with the lower tide and smallish swell, it made for great conditions for photography.

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay


Little Beach is currently ranked #3 best beach in Australia.

Little Beach is quite that, Little. Located at Two Peoples Bay National Park in the Great Southern region, of Western Australia. The waters are turquoise blue, the sand it bleached white.
Bays like Little Beach litter the south coast, the water is quite cool, but can be refreshing when the temperature hits 40C.

Fools Gold


After the sun had dipped below the horizon to mark the end of the day, and having already captured a panorama of the evenings sunset, I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some B&W images. I had a shot in mind, and this is the result.


Last night I raced down to the beach to join a group of fellow photographers. I didn’t think I would make it as I was stuck at work till late afternoon. But I was very fortunate to finish with enough time to make it to the beach.

The cloud was overcast all day and it was only just before sunset a tiny gap started to appear on the horizon.
A small sign that we could be in for a bit of a surprise.
The sun did make an appearance for a couple of brief moment before it dipped below the horizon. Enough to give off some great colour.


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Photography website limitations.

Please Note: The best care has been taken to accurately represent the finished photograph in the online gallery, however due to web limitations and differences in individual user’s monitor settings, printed photograph colours may differ slightly from the photographs viewed on this website.

Sugarloaf Rock & Meelup Beach

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend a seminar/workshop with some of Australia’s and worlds best landscape photographers. Ninety Degrees 5 (ND5) are a group of photographers consisting of Christian Fletcher, Dr Les Walkling, Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway, Michael Fletcher and Nick Rains.
These guys provided some truly inspirational presentations. Most of the time I was jaw to the ground that I was actually able to listen and be in the presence of these guys.

So about this shot, while I was down in Busselton, There was no doubt I was gong to take full advantage to get out and shoot the local landscape as much as I could possibly fit in. Saturday and Sunday morning both started at 4am for me. Saturday morning I visited Sugarloaf rock, while on Sunday I visited Meelup beach, and afterwards ventured back across to Sugarloaf, to capture some of the wild weather that was hitting the capes at the time.

The weekend was just awesome, I am eagerly awaiting my return to the South-West, sooner rather then later, one to revisit the ND5 exhibition  being held at the Yallingup Art Studios/Gallery. And two, to shoot more around the magnificent coastline around the south-west.

Hope you enjoy these two shots, one from Sugarloaf rock and one from Meelup beach.

I have a couple more images from both areas that I will put together soon, stay tuned.


Jordan Cantelo Photography


Jindalee Sunsets

This evenings sunset was a complete surprise. Well not the sunset itself (that happens every night, ha ha), but during the afternoon the high cirrus cloud, was soon joined by thicker mid level cloud that soon became overcast. The sunset at about 5pm looked like it was going to be a doozy. So with that in mind, I was intending to head to the beach solely to attempt some long exposures with the big stopper and have a muck around with the camera. Well I was in for a surprise.
The mid level cloud all of a sudden started to thin out to reveal the high stuff, and the sun decided to pop its head out just before it dipped below the horizon, creating some breathtaking colours. Pinks, reds and yellows painted the sky, reflecting on the shoreline. It was truly epic, and I just loved being down there.

Hope you enjoy the shot
It is a 6 image stitch using Lee ND Soft Grad Filters.

Dawn over Cottesloe


The thing about dawn photography in the summer is that the day starts soooo early. I left home at 330am to be on site for 430am, an hour long drive down the coast.
As much as I would’ve loved a few clouds in the sky, I still loved the light we were treated to.
Thanks Aggie for the morning, hope you also enjoyed the 430am start 🙂

Canon 5d Mark II
24-105mm f4.0L IS USM + Lee soft grad ND filters
A: f11
T: 2s
ISO: 100

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