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– Stormy Sunsets over Bunbury –

Winter has shown itself the last few weeks in the south west of Western Australia. Wet and windy conditions made for difficult conditions most mornings and afternoons, but I was lucky on this evening, the rain stayed away for a short while. The sun dropped below the horizon, and then the colour bounced through the sky.
A nice way to start my week in the south-west.

– Sunsets at Back Beach –

Another shot from my week down south.
Just after sunset, the clouds parted slightly to allow the upper clouds to be seen glowing a with reds and pinks.

Stormy Mornings in Bunbury


I was woken this morning by the deep rumble of thunder in the distance.
I am usually rather lethargic getting out of bed in the morning, but that beautiful sound that is thunder, I am up in a flash. I was dressed and ready to head out within a few minutes.

When I glanced outside, the early morning rays of the sun were just touching the base of the clouds. I raced down the stairs of my hotel room, jumped in my car and got to the beach.
This is what greeted me.


Back Beach Sunset


Another image from the Bunbury back beach during sunset.
Notice the Virga coming from the clouds. I was sitting patiently for this to turn red. Lucky I hung around.

Bunbury Sunset

The back beaches in Bunbury have some great rock features.
I have walked along this stretch of beach numerous times during visits here for work. This time I decided to take my camera a touch further up the beach and with the lower tide and smallish swell, it made for great conditions for photography.

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