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Kimberley Boabs

You think of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and the Boab tree would spring to mind straight away. This iconic tree are all about the landscape in the region. One of the most stunning tree’s in the country. 

Another reason why the Kimberley region is one of my absolute favourites.

– Driftwood –


I spent the last couple of days in Derby before flying out to Kununurra, so thought I would have a wonder out around town and onto the tidal flats. With only a limited amount of battery left on my camera, I was able to capture only a couple of images. This being one of them, a shot of some driftwood i’m assuming that came in from a king tide

Kimberley Cool

The colours of the waters up in the Kimberley region are so vibrant it’s almost unbelievable. Witnessing these colours, I had my jaw to the ground every second flying over this place.

My first time in this part of the Kimberley and I cannot wait to get back.

Just love Western Australia!

Bell Creek

Bell Creek is one amazing place. This is the first time I have been here and it was out of this world. A mate of mine and I decided after a long day we would head down here and see what all the fuss was about. We are glad we did. Just behind me, incredible waterfalls feed right into Bells Gorge. (That image is coming soon).

The Kimberley, a region that just keeps giving!

Hidden Gems


Flying over the Kimberley all you have to do is look out the window and you will see more and more incredible sites, like this huge waterfall, hidden in amongst the winding gorges in the far north west of the region.


King Cascade Falls


You can see why the King Cascade Falls are an inclusion in many Kimberley travel itineraries. The falls lead out into equally spectacular Prince Regent River. Another very special place.


– Wyadup Rocks – 

Im down here again for the weekend with my wife and couple of friends competing in the XAdventure, so not one to miss an opportunity to go for a shoot at one of my absolute favourite locations in the state, I headed out this morning.

Finally some epic clouds to come along for the trip.

– Calm –

No swell, No wind, just the right temp. Yep it was pretty perfect.
My happy place.

– Pink Rain –

The sunset that occurred last night while waiting for the forecasted storms to arrive was nothing short of spectacular. As the sun dipped below the horizon the light hit the back of the rain and created an incredible glowing pink, that almost seemed to pulsate as the suns light hit different parts of the clouds.
It only last for about 2 minutes, but to witness it was amazing! I only wish that I time-lapsed it!

Not the strongest composition ever, but I could not go past capturing what I thought to be a special moment.

– Jindalee Stormy Sunrise –

I almost missed this mornings sunrise, but thanks to my wonderful wife who leaves for work quite early saw the potential, and gave me a call on her way out and said you might want to get up for this one.

I am glad I did.

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