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– King Leopold Sunsets –


Flying back into base-camp the sunset over the ranges was just amazing. The colours were so vibrant. The already amazing King Leopold Ranges stepped up another level covered in beautiful shades of orange and reds. I think I may have found a new favourite part of the state.

– Pink Rain –

The sunset that occurred last night while waiting for the forecasted storms to arrive was nothing short of spectacular. As the sun dipped below the horizon the light hit the back of the rain and created an incredible glowing pink, that almost seemed to pulsate as the suns light hit different parts of the clouds.
It only last for about 2 minutes, but to witness it was amazing! I only wish that I time-lapsed it!

Not the strongest composition ever, but I could not go past capturing what I thought to be a special moment.

– Bali Sunsets –

The sunsets in Bali can produce some incredible colours. At low tide the rocks appear and the vibrant greens of the seaweed really start to shine.
You have to be careful here, as the surf does surge every so often and you can be swept off your feet.
It’s well worth the effort though.

Jindalee Beach Sunsets


Some days in the summer we are very lucky for a strong cool sea-breeze to come in off the ocean and provide relief. Sometimes however it calms down to a gentle breeze right before sunset, and provides a great time to get down the coast and get a few shots.

A couple of nights ago. the elements all lined up. The breeze calmed down, the clouds were high, and the ocean was clear as day.

I love Western Australia’s coast!

– Endless Sunsets over Jindalee –

Another awesome sunset over Jindalee Beach.
I was waiting for the clouds to scream with colour, but as the sun got closer to the horizon, another bank of cloud blocked the sunlight just enough to prevent the explosion of colour I thought was going to occur.
Nevertheless I was still witness to another magical sunset over my local.

– Stormy Sunsets over Bunbury –

Winter has shown itself the last few weeks in the south west of Western Australia. Wet and windy conditions made for difficult conditions most mornings and afternoons, but I was lucky on this evening, the rain stayed away for a short while. The sun dropped below the horizon, and then the colour bounced through the sky.
A nice way to start my week in the south-west.

– Colours in the Sky –

Low clouds littered the sky and soaked up the colours of the setting sun. Sometimes all you have to do is look up.

– Colours before the storm –

The clouds continued to build during the day ahead of a few rough days expected in the south-west.
The colour was only there for a matter of minutes, so I’m stoked I made the trip down to my favourite location closest to home.

– Point Peron –

After heading south to drop off a couple of prints, I thought I would extend the trip and head to Point Peron and photograph it for the first time.

I arrived early to scout the new surrounds, and found this spot a short walk from the carpark.
I would love to return here not only to take a few more shots, but the coastline is amazing. Maybe a dive around the place will be in order next summer.


While scouting for a suitable composition for sunset. I found myself distracted by the crabs doing their thing on the rocks. Another fascinating subject to capture at Point Peron. Amazing what you can find if you look straight down.

Rain Approaching Back Beach

With showers of rain forecast for most of the week, I was hoping that I would be able to get down to the beach and capture the sunset with a few showers accompanying it. I was fortunate that this particular night the sunset was brilliant in colour.


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