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Sunset over the Limestone Quarry

Mid and high level cloud descended on Perth this afternoon and brought with it the building blocks for another colourful sunset.
This time, the clouds got a touch thicker then I had hoped for, but a small gap just before the sun dipped below the horizon allowed for a very brief flare.

Metallic Seas

The colours that appear during sunset are reflected on the ocean. The swell crashes over the rocks, then calmly sweeps in over the sand.

Jindalee Colours


I almost done it again. I was busy at home, and just happened to walk to my back door to have a gander outside. The sunset that was going to occur looked amazing. All the ingredients were there, a decent gap between the horizon and the clouds, the clouds were at a height that were not going to shield any potential colour that may occur. My only issue was time. I turned and raced to my car, jumped in and bolted to the beach. 5mins I was set up and shooting this.
Very lucky indeed, and I say it all the time, but we West Aussie’s are so lucky to live in such a place to witness sunsets like this more often then not.


Sunset over the Dunes

The sun sets again over the strange shapes carved in the sands by the strong uninterrupted winds that pass over. 

Back Beach Sunset


Another image from the Bunbury back beach during sunset.
Notice the Virga coming from the clouds. I was sitting patiently for this to turn red. Lucky I hung around.

Bunbury Sunset

The back beaches in Bunbury have some great rock features.
I have walked along this stretch of beach numerous times during visits here for work. This time I decided to take my camera a touch further up the beach and with the lower tide and smallish swell, it made for great conditions for photography.

2 Minutes Late

The sunset tonight from my backyard was just awesome. Actually, it wasn’t just awesome from my backyard, countless people bared witness to one of the most terrific sunsets in recent times here in Perth. Technically not the most thought out photo ever, yet you just cannot go past the brilliant saturation of colours presented to us in Perth tonight. We truly are blessed to be living in one of the best places on earth to witness sunsets like this.
Just magnificent.

Cottesloe Delight

I haven’t shot metro seascapes for a while, and one of the reasons for this was this particular shot. See that big splash of water, yep, that ended up all over my gear.
I am one who takes the upmost care when taking my gear onto the rocks for seascapes, as you can never be too sure. This freak larger set surprised me, and I almost paid the price of my gear being destroyed.

When work calms down a touch, I hope to get back down to the beach, and in particular the SW capes to again capture the beauty Western Australia has to offer.

Sunset over Port Hedland

The sunsets are incredible all over our magnificent state, and Port Hedland is certainly no different. Here it is in all its glory while I was visiting my brother.

Southern Islands

The Great Southern region of Western Australia has some of the most photogenic coastlines in the country. Islands set amongst the clearest waters dot the whole south coast from Albany to Esperance.

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